Ava Sharifian I paint because I am curious about what a blank canvas will become. I never know what the final outcome will be, and I don’t begin any painting with too much of an idea. Maybe I want to explore using a certain color or a certain shape, but that is about as much intention as I will bring to the canvas. Of course, with the unknown comes a creative tension, so I explore that feeling, observing it often. Sometimes it transforms into a sense of wonder, a silence beneath all thought, like diving into water during a thunderstorm and feeling the peace and quiet just below the surface. In essence, I allow myself to experience possibility and not conclusion.

I am drawn to and motivated by the instinct to create spaces, the conscious placement of “things” as in architecture, interior design, art, etc. I love that there are people in the world who care to create beautiful things, who live within that intention. I paint because I want to create something that may contribute to the direct experience of being present and aware of our existence, of beauty and love. For me, art is a portal into the exploration of the sacred. The visual world is a valuable way to explore our sacred presence, and I believe that what we surround ourselves with can be an integral part of being a conscious, healthy person. If I can paint something that is beneficial to someone in someway then I am happy and satisfied.

“True art comes from transparency, not from feelings of isolation, separation or despair. Of course, such feelings often precipitate the sort of openness and sensitivity that are the origin of creativity, but it is important to make this distinction, because without it we may think that these feelings are themselves the source of creativity and we end up with a banal, vacuous despair of a culture whose paradigm has lost sight of the sacred, of any true inquiry into the nature of reality”. Rupert Spira